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The State of Hawaii is a great place to be self employed or start a business. Hawaii has a lot of opportunities for people willing to farm, fish, produce food products, sell arts and crafts, or provide services to tourists, government, or businesses. Access to high speed internet and proximity to Asia provides the ability to create online businesses and special opportunities to work closely with Asian markets.

The State of Hawaii has incentives for starting a business. To make it easy, the State has an online Business Registration web site that allows you to set up your business.

The Hawaii Innovation Center in downtown Hilo is operated by the University of Hawaii at Hilo in partnership with the High Tech Development Corporation and designated as a small business incubator.

Hilo Hawaii Innovation Center
Hawaii Innovation Center in downtown Hilo

The UH Small Business Development Center Research Library allows you to subscribe to E-news which gives you all the latest news and events on all the islands. They sponsor monthly workshops on starting a business in Hawaii.

If you join the Hawaii Venture Capital Association you will get notified about the latest business news, state law changes that impact businesses, and upcoming lunch meetings about selected business topics. The meetings are usually in Honolulu, but they often tape them and make them available for viewing later.

Hilo benefits businesses by having an airport and sea port in town.
Hilo International airportHilo airport tower
Hilo International Airport

Hilo Sea Port entrance
Entrance to Hilo Harbor

A FedEx plane flies into Hilo daily and the town is served by UPS and other major delivery services. Hilo has two post offices, one at the airport and one downtown.

Hilo FedEx Hilo UPSHilo US PO at airport
Hilo FedEx, Hilo UPS, and a US Post office are nearbyHilo airport

Hilo has a designated area as a Hawaii Foreign Trade Zone No 9 near the airport. No company is currently taking advantage of the zone in Hilo, but it is a great opportunity for the right type of business.

Hilo Free Trade Zone area

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