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Hilo Hawaii has jobs in government, retail, science, education, and farming. Hilo is the county seat for the Big Island of Hawaii and the primary location on the island for jobs with the county, state, and federal government. Jobs are available at the Port of Hilo, Hilo International airport, Military, University of Hawaii and Hawaii Community College, Hilo hospital, local and private schools, the international telescopes, hotels, retail, food service, fishing, and farms. More and more jobs are being advertised on corporate websites and national job directories.

Below are job sites, job boards, newspaper links and other resources to help in your job search in Hilo and elsewhere on Hawaii Island. Check the sites regularly to see if new jobs show up.

Hawaii County, State of Hawaii, and Federal Jobs

Most of the Hawaii county management offices are located in Hilo including county property assessment and planning, police, civil defense, and the Mayor's offices. Hilo has numerous parks, recreation facilities and visitor centers that employ Hawaii County workers. The State of Hawaii has courts, offices, and parks that employ workers. Hilo has an airport, two post offices, National parks, NOAA, and USDA labs that employ Federal workers in the area.

Hilo Education Jobs

Hilo has a growing University of Hawaii campus as well as a Hawaii Community College campus in town. Hilo has a lot of public, charter and private schools. There are teaching certificate requirements that must be met to qualify as a teacher at public primary and secondary schools.

Medical, retail, and bank jobs in Hilo

Hilo has a Hospital as well as other medical facilities in town. There are jobs at grocery stores, drug stores, banks, telecommunications outfits, retail stores,, and at the offices of many Hawaii and National companies. Often the jobs are on the company's web site rather than being advertised in the local papers. If you are in town, take your resume to stores and businesses around town to find unadvertised local jobs that are available. Here are some of the websites with jobs in Hilo and around the island.

Astronomy Jobs

Hilo is the headquarters for many observatories on Mauna Kea. Most of the buildings housing the astronomers and engineers are located on the same street in Hilo above the 'Imiloa Astronomy Center. Astronomy Hawaii highlights the Observatories and Telescopes on the Big Island. Below is a list of websites to find astronomy jobs in Hilo. Check them frequently, since jobs come and go often.

Hawaii Island Tourism Jobs

Hawaii Job Boards that include jobs in Hilo

National Job Boards that include jobs in Hilo

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