2009 Merrie Monarch Parade Photos

Hilo, Hawaii






downtown Hilo, Hawaii on April 18,2009

The parade through downtown Hilo was held on the last day of the Merrie Monarch competition. Hilo town was packed for the parade and the other events in the town, Farmer's Saturday Market and the He Launa Aloha No Ka Mo‘i Kalakaua festival in Kalakaua Park.

The parade assembled in Wailoa River State park to start on Pauahi street. The float below was ready to go.

Hilo Merrie Monarch parade

Groups assembled ready to march in the parade.

Merrie Monarch parade start

The JROTC lined up.

Hilo ROTC in Merrie Monarch parade

Merrie Monarch parade

The Hawaiian Royal guard was assembled below the statue of King Kamehameha in the park.

Merrie Monarch parade

The floats started off on Pauahi street.

Merrie Monarch parade

Merrie Monarch parade

The Hawaii County band prepared to march.

Merrie Monarch parade

The Hawaii Horse owners joined in.

Merrie Monarch parade

The floats assembled and readied to join the parade.

Merrie Monarch parade floats

Merrie Monarch parade floats

Merrie Monarch parade floats

Huge crowds lined Pauahi street to greet the parade.

Crowds for Merrie Monarch parade

Wandering down Kamehameha Avenue, the begriming of the parade, which had marched all the way through the town, was visible.

Merrie Monarch parade Hilo

The Mayor of Hawaii County, Billy Kenoi, and his wife walked the entire route.

Mayor Kenoi Hawaii County

Further down Kamehameha, the Farmer's market on Mamo street was in full swing.

Farmer's market Hilo

During the parade, shoppers were busy buying produce and flowers.

Farmer's market Hilo hawaii

All along Kamehameha Avenue, crowds waited for the parade. There were large delays between the floats and bands, so there was plenty of time to stroll along the street and enjoy the day.

Hilo Hawaii downtown

This is looking across Kamehameha Avenue at the Mo'oheau Park's bus station.

Kamehameha avenue in Hilo

The parade marched down Kamehameha Avenue in Hilo.

Merrie Monarch parade

Hilo High School band in downtown Hilo.

Hilo High Band

Miss Aloha Hawaii 2009 waved at the crowd.

Miss Aloha Hawaii 2009

She was followed by her Kumu.

Merrie Monarch parade

The National Guard marched by; the view is up Haili street.

Hilo National Guard

Hilo has a growing gymnastics club.

Hilo Gymnastics club

Hilo Intermediate school

Hilo Parade

Keaukaha Canoe Club chanted enthusiastically.

Hilo Parade

Hilo Bay from Hilo Hawaii

This view of the parade was from Kalakaua and Keawe street.

Hilo Hawaii parade

As the parade continued, the He Launa Aloha No Ka Mo‘i Kalakaua festival in Kalakaua Park was in full force.

Hilo festival schedule

The festival honors the Merrie Monarch, King David Kalakaua. His statue sits in the Kalakaua park and was covered with leis for the occasion.

Merrie Monarch statue

The festival had displays of block printing, weaving and lei making.

Block printing in Hilo

Lei making in Hilo

The festival was lightly attended initially.

Hilo festival

But the crowds arrived when the parade was over.

Merrie Monarch festival

Ben Kalili and band entertained the crowd.

Ben Kalili and band regaled the crowd

The food, the music, and the day was fun.

Merrie Monarch festival