2012 Merrie Monarch Ho'olaulea

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2012 MERRIE MONARCH Music Festival April 8

Merrie Monarch 2012 Hilo Hawaii

The Merrie Monarch Ho'olaulea (music festival) was held in Hilo's Civic Auditorium on Easter day. Below are some highlights of the event.

Kumu (teacher) Johnny Lum Ho's Halau O Ka Ua Kani Lehua

Johnny Lum Ho brings energy and creativity to hula and his multi-dimensional presentation of colors and movement are a delight. Here are some videos showing the hula of his halau.

Johnny Lum Ho Hilo 2012

Johnny Lum Ho's program started with a Tahitian dance.

Hula with "ipu" gourd drums

Keiki Hula

Children start hula at a young age - a young girl performed a solo hula showing her talent with fantastic music.

In this video the keiki are performing with rocks to keep their timing. Adoring parents and relatives are watching and cheering.

Keiki Hula Easter 2012 Hilo Hawaii

Solo Hula - "Da Bus" - A young boy performs a solo hula

Solo Hula Merrie Monarch 2012

Hula performed with decorated shakers.

Hula performed with bamboo sticks to keep time.

Halau O Ka Ua Kani Lehua and Japanese visitors - perform hula

Halau O Ka Ua Kani Lehua and Japanese visitors - perform a beautiful Easter hula praising the Lord. Johnny Lum Ho sings.

Halau Ke Olu Makani O Maunaloa

The music and beauty of the dancers from this halau are more accomplished every year. Here are some videos showing their hula and delightful music with Ben Kahili on the guitar.

Halau Na Lei Hiwahiwa

Ben Kahili a great slack key guitarist shows his talent.

Hula Hilo 2012

The finale of the program included singing mele and hula.

Hawaii Community College's Ha'akumalae Kekuhi Keali'ikanaka'oleohaililani and Manaiakalani Kalua

The Kumu directing the Hawaii Community College in Hilo are innovative in sharing Hawaiian culture with their students. Enjoy these videos of their incredible presentation on Easter day.

Kumu in Hilo 2012

This is a video of the program start.

The students performed hula and invited the audience to join. The Kumu danced for the crowd. The end of the video shows the exit of the dancers and the end of their program.

Hawaii Community College hula 2012 Hilo

Waiakea High School's Ka Leo Wai - Kumu Kawika Urakami and band

This was the first time Waiakea High School participated at the Merrie Monarch Music Festival. The student band and hula dancers gave the crowd some great entertainment.

Waiakea HS band

Below, seniors from Waiakea High School show off their hula and singing.

Students dance Paniolo (cowboy) style hula

Waikea HS dancers

Waiakea High School band performance

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