2009 Merrie Monarch Ho'ike

Hilo, Hawaii




2009 MERRIE MONARCH Ho'ike on April 15

The Ho'ike is the biggest free event during Merrie Monarch week. This year the event featured 3 groups displaying dances from Hawaii by Halau O Kekuhi, Samoa by Tupulaga o Samoa mo a Taeao and New Zealand by visiting Maori dancers from Nga Uri O Te Whanoa.

This year we got in the already long line 3 hours before the event doors opened at 6:30PM after missing the start of the Hoike the previous year.

Hawaiian Royal Court in Hilo Hawaii

The Ho'ike started with the entrance of the Hawaiian Royal court.

Father De Costa in Hilo, Hawaii

A Pule (Prayer) was given by Father George De Costa.

Halau O Kekuhi

Then Halau O Kekuhi entered and after an opening chant, began their high energy Kahiko hula about Pele.

Kuhiki hula

The halau danced with grass skirts, a great visual display from up on the stands.

Kieki hula in Hilo

The Halau keiki did several dances.

The Halau O Kekuhi did hula auana as well.

Hula Auana in Hilo Hawaii

The group danced in colorful dresses with palm leaf skirts.

Kapuna of O Kekuhi at Hoike 2009 Hilo

The Kapuna danced with blue mumus.

Men Hula Hoike Merrie Monarch 2009

The men did a hula.

Hula at Hoike Merrie Monarch 2009

And the women did hula auana in red mumus.

The leaders of the Halau O Kekuhi Hilo are Nalani Kanakaole and her nieces, Kekuhi Keli'ikanaka'ole and Huihui Mossman.

UHH Samoan Club at Merrie Monarch 2009

Tupulaga o Samoa mo a Taeao is from the Samoan club at the University of Hawaii-Hilo came on next. The group gave a lively performance of dance and song.

UHH Samoan club dancers at Merrie Monarch

The exciting Samoan slap dance by the young men was a highlight. Many football teams use Samoan type slap dances to rev themselves up before their game.

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