October 2008 Log

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We drove to Waimea for a pumpkin patch event sponsored by Hawaii Prep Academy.We thought it was going to be in a pumpkin patch and perhaps we could pick the pumpkins, but it was actually a fund raising event for HPA on their campus. What an incredibly beautiful campus HPA has for their students.

Hawaiian Pumpkin patch at HPA


Today, October 25, we had heavy rain in the morning. When it cleared up, there was snow on Mauna Kea.

Early Snow in Hilo Oct 2008

We have been getting beautiful sunrises and rainbows over Hilo this month. Here is a recent rainbow over Hilo Bay.

Rainbow over Hilo Bay Oct 2008

Last week a huge cruise ship, the Golden Princess, came into Hilo Harbor. It dwarfed Hilo Harbor and filled the town with happy looking passengers. This is the view from Reed's Bay.

Cruise Ship in Hilo Oct 2008


Shugyo Daishi statue in Hilo

Hilo Hooganji Mission held a Commemorative Service for their Centenial on October 18. The Mission was founded in Hilo by Rev. Hogen Yujiri and Japanese immigrants in 1908 based on the faith of Kobo Daishi and Shingon Esoteric Buddhist practices. The Governor, Lt. Govenor, Hawaii House of Representatives, and Hawaii County Council sent their congratulations and Mayor Kim proclaimed October 18th as Hilo Hooganjin Centennial Celebration Day! We were excited to witness this historical celebration.

The altar in the church was gorgeous having been completely refurbished over the past two years. Mr. Naoki Nishimura played beautiful music at the start of the service.

Naoki Nishimura in Hilo

Priests from the Big Island, Oahu and Japan joined the celebration in Hilo.

Priest procession in Hilo

They honored the statue of Daishi before entering the Church.

Priest at Hilo Hooganji Mission

Some of the visitors had gorgeous kimonas.

Japanese visito to Hilo

The service included Sutra Chanting Rishukyo and sweet smelling incense.

Hilo Hooganji Mission

We have never attended a Buddhist service and were very impressed with the warmth and beauty of the Hooganji Mission centennial service.



Ollerup group in Hilo Hawaii

Ollerup Academy of Physical Education in Denmark visited Hilo as a part of their elite team tour to Canada, USA, and Hawaii and gave a demonstration in Hilo Civic Auditorium. The 30 young men and women showed off their incredible skills and grace in an hour long presentation. They were very photogenic, so there are a lot of pictures here.

Ollerup men in Hilo Hawaii

The group started by singing the Danish National Anthem.

Ollerup group in Hilo

The men did awesome jumps!

Mid air jump by Ollerup in Hilo

The women did a crowd pleaser by doing a bit of hula.

Hula by Ollerup in Hilo

The crowd in Hilo was excited and appreciative of the visiting Danes.

Hilo Audience in Civic Auditorium

Ollerup Men in Hilo

Ollerup Men jumping high

St Joesph School Country Fair

We went to the St Joesph Country fair this weekend. St Joesph is a private Catholic school (K-12) in our neighborhood.

St Joesph High School Hilo Hawaii

The festival was very well attended. At the fair there were baked goods, flowers, plants, pony rides, a climbing wall, food vendors, and more. Here are some pictures of the event.

St Joe's Country fair Hilo Hawaii

St Joe's country fair Hilo Hawaii

St Joe's Country Fair Hilo Hawaii

St Joe's Country Fair Hilo, Hawaii

St Joe's Country Fair Hilo, Hawaii


Today we went to 'Imiloa Astronomy Center to see the Navigation festival.

'Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo Hawaii

The center's parking lot was filled with double hulled voyaging canoes.

Wayfinding festival in Hilo Hawaii

Double Hulled Hawaiian Canoe

In another part of the parking lot, canoe builder Ray Bumatay and friends were using chain saws to make canoes from huge albizzia logs.

Hawaiian Canoe in Progress

The festival is took place from Oct 7-12 and included activities, documentary films, and presentations.


Hilo Public meeting on Military Expansion

We attended the Public Meeting in Hilo on the expansion of the Makua Military reservation for the Army to do more extensive live ammunition training. Makua is on Oahu, but the plan includes several alternatives, one of which is to expand the Pohakuloa Range which is up on Mauna Kea adjacent to the Bradshaw Army airfield. Should the Pohakuloa alternative happen, troups will be shipped from Oahu to the Kawaihae harbor and trucked up to the base using Saddle Road. The Waimea side of Saddle road has yet to be upgraded, so this plan presumes that the road will be upgraded.

Before the public meeting started, we looked at the display of the alternatives under consideration. Army folks were available to answer questions. Individuals that wished to speak signed up.

Public meeting on army training expansion in Hawaii

An Army representative welcomed the group and public comment started. Each person was allowed 4 minutes to speak. There was no question and answer period but all the comments were noted.

Public meeting on army training expansion in Hawii

There were folks for and against, young and old that spoke. The subject was emotional for many, some that worried soldiers were at risk without enough training and others that felt that sacred land was being destroyed. Damage already done to the Pohakuloa Range has not been cleaned up and the Army has admitted to depleted Uranimum contamination at the site.


In addition to the great Tahitian dancing, a group formed from many Hula dance schools was there. They were invited to attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York. The group came together at the Tahiti Fete to practice and give us a demonstration of their planned dance.

Hula Dancers for Macy's parade

Dancers for Macy's parade

Here are more photos and videos of the Tahiti Fete.


Hilo Civic Auditorium had a Tahitian dance festival and competition today.

Tahiti Fete in Hilo

Below is a sample of the morning individual competitions. Three dancers competed in each session Though the live music was the same, they each did their own dance. Three judges observed and judged.

Tahiti Fete in Hilo

Tahiti Fete in Hilo

Tahiti Dance Fete in Hilo


Myna bird convention in Hawaii

Hilo has a lot of Myna birds and occationally they have a get together. This convention took place outside our window today.


Carnival Spirit ship leaving Hilo

Since NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines) moved 2 of their 3 ships out of Hawaii many months ago, Hilo has only one cruise ship a week. For some reason this week there was a cruise ship every day and on Tuesday two were in harbor. Here's the run down: Monday Tahitian Princess; Tuesday: Rhapsody of the Sea and Statendam; Wednesday: Volendam; Thursday: Zaandam; Friday: Carnival Spirit; Saturday: Radiance of the Sea. We don't know why these ships all showed up on the same week, perhaps the Atlantic huricanes are chasing them out or perhaps they always show up in October.


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