August 2009 Log

A photo diary of life in Hilo Hawaii




Hilo Spoonful Cafe

Hilo Mall hasnew stores and places to eat that have opened up. The Spoonful Cafe is serving Thai food and plate lunches.

Nicoles Nail Spa in Hilo

Nicole's Nail & Spa is ready to decorate nails.

Simply Said Florist Hilo

And Simply Said Florist, which recently moved to the mall, is ready to send flowers for special occations, weddings, and funerals.

Simply Said Florist in Hilo

The owner, Salina Iranon, showed off her beautiful flowers.

It is great to have the Mall in Hilo filling up its empty stores.

We were surprised at how pricey going to a movie at Hollywood Theater in the Mall has become- $9.25 for an adult.

Hilo Theater Prices


Da Planet Hilo

We went to the Hilo mall today and noticed a new store, Da Planet. They sell trading cards.

Hilo mall sign

Hilo T shirts

Across town, the East Hawaii Arts Center's Aloha Saturday Hawaiian Music, Hula, Arts and Crafts and Food fair was going on in Kalakaua Park.

Aloha Saturday fesitval

Hilo park

Likeke Teanio was playing great Hawaiian music.

Aloha Saturday fair


Anti- American gathering in Hilo

The Hawaiians for Independence set up shop in Hilo for Hawaii's 50th Anniversary of its Admission to the USA. They drew a big crowd.

Crowds listening in Hilo

And set up signs.

Anti American sign in Hilo

Anti-American sign in Hilo

Anti-American sign in Hilo

They gave speeches.

Activist in Hilo

They hung the Hawaii State flag upside down.

Upside down HI flag at protest

They even have their own Kingdom of Hawaii license plates.

Kingdom of Hawaii

Across town at the Federal building there were more protesters.

Fake state sign

Fake state sign

End occupation sign


Hilo land payment

Land taxes are due for Hawaii county today. Apuni Center in Hilo had a bit of a line, but it wasn't too long of a wait.

After that, we headed over to get fish at Suisan's fish store which is next to Hilo's Liluoakalani gardens. The gardens were flooded due to high tide.

Hide Tide in Hilo

high tide in Hilo

Then we went into Suisan's store for fish. And found them loaded with fresh fish.

Hilo fish

Hilo fish

We bought Ono, Salmon, and Ahi and headed home.


Hilo bandstand

The folks from POSH put on another festival in downtown Hilo. There was food and dancing and demonstrations. The purpose of the festival was to celebrate the cultural diversity in Hilo. Many organizations from around town had booths. All in all, a great day for a fun festival in Hilo.

Hilo festival

Hilo dancers

Hilo dancers

Hilo festival

Hilo festival booths

Hilo food and fun


Hilo Kino'ole Farmer's Market

After living in Hilo a couple of years we have gotten into a rhythm of buying our fresh produce once a week. We go early Saturday morning to a farmer's market on Kino'ole street in Hilo. It is set up in a parking lot every Saturday morning from 7-10AM. We like it because the market is small and personable. The vendors there are growing the produce in their backyards and farms - many have day jobs and just do it for extra cash.

Hilo Farmer's market haul

This is a great time of year for fresh produce. Our cost for all the produce pictured above was $35: 2 Broccoli spears, a white Puna pineapple, 3 heads of hydrophobic lettuce, 2 bunches of green onions, 6 huge tomatoes, lots of maui onions, 5 papayas, and 3 avocados.

Next comes the food prep - a 2-3 hour job every Saturday morning. I like to get it done in the morning because the heat wilts the lettuce, so the sooner everything is washed and stowed away in the fridge, the better.

Hilo Lettuce Hilo Lettuce

Hilo Lettuce Hilo Lettuce

Since Hilo has some varieties of snails and bugs that can cause health problems (like paralysis, coma and death), every lettuce leaf is inspected while washing. The lettuce is then put on paper towels. Little pieces are set aside in a plastic container for a salad later today. The large pieces of lettuce are wrapped up in a paper towel, put in a plastic bag, and put in the fridge. The paper towel keeps the lettuce from getting limp from the excess water; I usually replace the paper towel during the week. Local lettuce lasts a long time in Hilo, compared to the mainland, because it is so fresh. Mainland lettuce from grocery stores in Hilo prepped in this fashion has never made it a week for me before turning brown.

Hilo Greeen Onions

Green onions are washed and cut for use the rest of the week.

Hilo Broccoli

Broccoli is washed and immediately boiled til tender and used in salads the rest of the week.

Hilo Avocados and Papayas

Papayas and avocados and onions are also washed. They say if you pull the stem out of the avocado (the one on the bottom right is not pulled out) it speeds its ripening. These will take a while to ripen.

Next is pineapple prep. White pineapple is hard to find outside of Hawaii and it is delicious.

Hilo white pineapple Hilo white pineapple

After cutting off the top and sides, each eye is cut out. It took me a year before I had the patience to cut out all those eyes. Some folks in Hilo are so skilled at it that they create a beautiful design while removing the eyes.

Hilo white pineapple Hilo white pineapple

The pineapple is then sliced up. If there are brown spots or critters in it, I cut around them and cube the good pieces. This pineapple was perfect. It is now stowed away in the fridge and will likely not make it through the day.


Overcast Skies in Hilo

Felicisa has been downgraded to a tropical storm but is still expected to bring rain and winds to the Big Island. The skies are gray today.

Empty Hilo Harbor

Hilo Harbor is empty in preparation for the storm. All the barges and ships were told to stay away until the storm runs it course.

Waves breaking over Hilo water break

Waves are starting to break over the sea wall.


Huricane Felicia

Hurricane Felicia is 900 miles east of Hilo and slowly headed our way. The storm is currently a Category 1 with wind speeds of 90 miles, but will likely be downgraded as it hits Hawaii's cold ocean water. High winds could do a lot of damage to Hilo if the large number of oversized trees around town topple and damage roads and power lines.

You can track it at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.


Hilo Orchid Show

This weekend is the 57th Annual Orchid Show and Sale put on by the Hilo Orchid Society. And the flowers are beautiful!

Blue orchid in Hilo

Hilo Orchid Show

Hilo Orchid Show

Hilo Orchid Show

Hilo Orchid Show

Purple Orchid in Hilo

Orchid in Hilo

Orchid in Hilo



Outrigger Racing Hilo

The State Outrigger Championships were held in Hilo on August 1st. The BayFront was mobbed with paddlers from around the State, their Ohana and fans.

Crowds at Outrigger races in Hilo

Crowds at Outrigger Races in Hilo

Teams were represented from around the State.

Hanalei Canoe Club

'alpa Hoe Canoe Club

Hawaiian Canoe Club Team

Hui Lanakila Canoe Club

Kai Ehuitu Outrigger Team

Kailua Outrigger Team

Kai'opua Canoe Club

Kawaihae Canoe Club

Keaukaha Canoe Club

Koa Kai Canoe Club

Leeward Kai Canoe Club

Maui Canoe Club

Molokai Canoe Club

Waikiki Beach Boy Canoe Club

Waikiki Surf Club

Wailea Maui Canoe Club

Vendor booths sold food, T-shirts and crafts.

Vendors at Outrigger race in Hilo

Offiicial T shirt sales

The outrigger canoes lined up on one end of Hilo Bay.

Outrigger races in Hilo

Outrigger Race lineup

Race lineup in Hilo

Outrigger race in Hilo

The crowds waited at the finish line.

Finish line for Outrigger races in Hilo

The popular event turned Hilo into a parking lot.

Hilo parking for Outrigger race


Hilo Plant Sale

Every year Hilo has a huge plant sale in the Edith Kanaka'ole Stadium. The event is very popular because the prices are reasonable, the vendors are informative, and you can find unusual plants and flowers. Folks line up outside to wait for the show to open to nab the rarest of the plants.

Plant sale lineup in Hilo

Inside the stadium it is full of colorful trees and flowers. We were happy to find a fragrant Allspice tree for $12.

Hilo Plant Sale

Hilo Plant Sale

Hilo Plant Sale


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