2008 Merrie Monarch Ho'ike

Hilo, Hawaii






Edith Kanaka'ole Multipurpose Stadium on April 2,2008

The Ho'ike is an invitational hula exhibition held the evening before the Merrie Monarch hula competitions start. It is free and open to the public. We found it to be very popular. We arrived at the stadium an hour before the start of the Ho'ike Hula exhibition and the line already extended from the Stadium all the way to the Civic auditorium. People from all over the island and state had come to see the hula exhiibition.
Line to Hoike Hilo Hawaii 2008

Line to Hoike Hilo Hawaii 2008

By the time we reached the side of the stadium, the seats inside were full and the show had started. Everyone continued to wait patiently in line. The line behind us extended as far as we could see. They let us in as seats became available and our wait was finally rewarded by being allowed into the stadium. What a wonderful crowd! Everyone was happy and considerate. Unfortunately, by not standing in line much earlier in the day, our seats were behind the stage so most of the dances were facing the other way.

Hoike Crowd Hilo Hawaii 2008

Unfortunately, we missed the Halau O Kekuhi, but we were seated in time for the dance troupe from Mexico City, Ka Pa Hula O Ke Ona Ona O Lokelani which presented a dancing history of Mexico.

Mexican dancer Hoike Hilo Hawaii 2008Mexican Dancers Hoike Hilo HI 2008

Mexican Dancers Hoike Hilo HI 2008

Only their last dance was a hula dance where they performed the hula "Manu 'O'o.".
Mexican Hula Dancers Hoike Hilo 2008

Mexican Hula Dancers Hoike Hilo 2008

Te Vai Ura Nui - a group from Manoa Oahu performed Tahitian dances. The group is led by Charles and Cathy Temanha.

Dancers from Tahiti Hoike Hilo 2008

Halau O Ka Ua Kani Lehua - Hula School of Johnny Lum Ho on the Big Island

The hula started with "O'oe Kahimea Nui," with clicking stones and Sig Zane-designed dresses.

Johnny Lum Ho Hula Dancers Hilo 2008

"Hawai'i Kamaha'o" featured some of the halau's dancers from Japan wearing lavender dresses.

Japanese Hula Dancers

Japanese Hula Dancers

"Da Bus Coming" was a duet by two very talented children about a bus ride.

Hula Boy Merrie Monarch 2008

Hula Girl Merrie Monarch 2008

A Japanese Kumu (teacher) teaching in Maui who studied under Johnny Lum Ho on the Big Island sang for the next hula. She had an awesome voice.

Hula from Merrie Monarch Hoike April 2008

More Hula from the Johnny Lum Ho halau (school).

Hula at Hoike Hilo Hawaii

The Ho'ike finished off with the Royal Court leaving the stadium.

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