June 2009 Log

A photo diary of life in Hilo Hawaii




Hawaii Volcano from Jaggar Museum Lookout

On the way back from Kona, we stopped at Volcanoes National Park to see the latest view of the volcanic emissions. The sight from the Jaggar museum lookout was different than we had seen previously. The circle of smoke emitting from Halema'uma crater was wider and thicker. The park rangers said the view at night is spectacular with the crater glowing and cinders flying.

Hawaii Volcano from Jaggar Museum Lookout


Kona Wave Swell

Last week we drove around the island to see what was going on in West Hawaii. There was a big south swell which drew everyone out for surfing and paddling.

Kona ocean swell

Kona Ocean Swell

Water washed over the Ali'i drive wall.

Waves over wall in Kona Hawaii

Kona beaches with high surf

The huge amount of road construction in Kona has finally been completed leaving large interchanges to handle the traffic into Kona from the airport and Waikaloa. We could sure use that on the east side.

New Kona roads

The vog in Kona continues. The hills above Kona are still hidden behind a thick layer of haze from the Volcano.

Kona Vog and Waves


Old Car show Hilo Hawaii

Prince Kuhio Plaza mall in Hilo displayed old cars for Father's Day.

Hilo Mall Old Car display

Hilo Mall Old Car display


Hilo Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market in downtown Hilo is open every day of the week, but on Saturdays it is more like a festival than a market. Musicians and artists are plentiful and homemade foods and breads from around the world fill the tables in the market. Japanese, Filipino, South American, Portugese, Mexican, and Hawaiian speciality foods are available from enterprising residents that cook using their old recipes.

Hilo farmer's market baked goods

Vendors from around the island bring in special items for Saturdays, like these edible flowers.

Edible Flowers in Hilo

This past Saturday we were rewarded with a display of Chocolate pods from the cacao tree.

Chocolate Pods in Hilo

A man at the market was sucking on the white flesh and seeds in the pods. He said the inside of the pod was delicious and the white flesh had health benefits.

Chocolate pod cut open in Hilo

A Filipino woman at the market said she prepares the pods after they become so ripe that they ferment. She removes the white flesh and uses just the seeds. She cooks the seeds, crushes them, and then mixes them with cane sugar juice to create a chocolate syrup.


Hilo Bay Outrigger Regatta

This morning the Kailana Canoe Club had a regatta in Hilo Bay.

Kailana Canoe Club

The event started with the Keiki races and continued through the day.

Hilo Bay Outrigger Regatta

This is a Keiki race, the first canoe race of the day.

This is a young women's outrigger canoe race.

This regatta is the first of three in the next couple of weeks that will lead to the Big Island Moku O Hawaii Championships on July 18.

Hilo Outrigger Canoe teams


Fifteen paddling clubs will be competing in the Big Island Championships including Kai Opua, Kawaihae, Kailana, Keaukaha, Keoua, Kamehameha, Puna, Keauhou, Kai 'Ehitu, Waikoloa, Kona Athletic, Na Wa'a Hanakahi, Hui Wa'a O Waiakea, Paddlers of Laka, and Tui Tonga. Winning teams will be selected for the State Championships.

Outrigger teams in Hilo

The Hawaii State Championships will be held in Hilo Bay on August 1st for the first time in seven years. Over 70 teams from around the State are expected to compete in Hilo.

Hilo Bay

Hilo Bay Outrigger Regatta

Hilo Bay Outrigger Canoe Regatta Schedule
June 27 Keaukaha Canoe Club Hilo Bay
July 04 Puna Canoe Club Hilo Bay
July 18 Moku O Hawaii Championship Hilo Bay
Aug 01 HCRA State Championship Hilo Bay

Surfer Dog

Surfer Dog!!


Hilo Coconut Island

Today was the Hawaiian State holiday, King Kamehameha Day. In Hilo there was the annual celebration on Coconut Island.

Coconut Island in Hilo

Folks showed up to watch hula and listen to some great Hawaiian music.

Kupuna Hula on Coconut island

The kids were playing in the water enjoying the beautiful day.

Coconut Island, Hilo

At noon the Order of King Kamehameha I arrived and did a ceremony.

Order of King Kamehameha

King Kamehameha festival



Hilo Airport new airline Mokulele

During our recent visit to Hilo airport, we were surprised by the changes. Mokulele Airlines has taken over the bankrupt Aloha Airline's ticket counter. Mokulele Airlines has a new fleet of fuel efficient airplanes manufactured in Brazil. We haven't tried them out yet, but are happy to have more flying choices.

Hilo Airport

Though Hawaiian Airline's ticket counter is in the same place, their baggage pickup and arrival area has moved.

Hawaiian Airlines baggage pickup Hilo

Instead of being at the end of the airport, left of the Hawaiian check-in counter, Hawaiian's baggage claim and arrival area are on the right side of the check-in counter at the opposite end of the airport. We walked to the wrong end of the airport before realizing that Hawaiian's airlines arrival area had changed. We noticed that the security check-in location changed as well and some new stores look like they are about to open soon.

Hawaiian airlines arrival Hilo

The flowers and gardens within the airport are really nice making the walk very pleasant.

Hilo Airport Garden


Nani Mau Gardens Hilo

June weather started perfectly. We visited Nani Mau Gardens nearby the Hilo zoo to see the flowers and trees. We were pleased with the display of orchids, flowering trees, fruit trees, and landscaping.

Nani Mau Gardens Hilo

The garden has displays of orchids in small waterfalls.

Nani Mau Gardens Hilo

The grounds are large with pathways. It was hot and there were not a lot of covered areas. But the clear skies and sun was perfect for picture taking.

Nani Mau Gardens Hilo

The garden has a huge bell housed in a small building.

Nani Mau Gardens Hilo

Nani Mau Gardens Hilo

This is the gift shop.

Nani Mau Gardens Hilo

Entrance cost is $10 and you can have lunch there as well. Several tour busses arrived and provided a driving tour on a covered tram and lunch.

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