January 2009 Log

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UHH Basketball game Hilo

We went to a UHH Vulcan basketball game in the civic auditorium in Hilo to watch them play. They played the Urban Knights of the Academy of Arts from San Francisco. It was a lot of fun.

UHH Basketball team

UHH Basketball game


UHH Dancing Ho'olaule'a

UH Hilo had their 14th annual Ho'olaule'a celebration with entertainment and fun on Saturday afternoon. There were food vendors, booths and great dancing at the Campus Center.

UHH Campus Center Jan 2009

UHH Campus Center Dancing


A lack of trade winds has blown volcanic gasses into Hilo this week.

USGS View of Volcanic Emission Jan 2009

The vog doesn't feel as toxic to us as it did last year. Normally, the trade winds blow the vog towards the west side of the island, inundating the Kona area, but in the winter the trade winds stop frequently so Hilo gets to experience the wrath of Kilauea.

This is a view of the Zaandam cruise ship arriving in Hilo Bay on the morning of Jan 15 from San Diego.

Zaandam arriving Hilo on voggy day

Here is the view of Mauna Kea over Hilo in the vog.

Mauna Kea over Hilo


We were at Hilo airport this past weekend and the sky was completely clear showing Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea in their full glory.

Hilo Airport Jan 2009

Cloud wisps were just starting to move towards Mauna Kea. The small metalic object is a plane approaching Hilo airport for a landing.

Mauna Kea Jan 2009

Mauna Loa has a blanket of snow right now, an unusual sight.

Mauna Loa Jan 2009

The temperature in Hilo was in the high 70's (F) with lots of sun and cool breezes.


Hilo rainbow in Jan 2009

We woke up to a bright and colorful rainbow this morning. We see rainbows as a positive sign, so seeing a powerful one today was uplifting.


Hilo KTA Lunch specials

KTA is a popular local grocery store that attracts lots of folks for lunch. They have a deli with sandwiches and hot dishes and a huge selection of local specialties. Obama has recently popularized things like Spam Musubi and shave ice. Perhaps Hawaiian bentos will become popular in D.C.

Hilo Bentos at KTA


We have had a lot of rain in Hilo since Christmas Day. On New Years Day we ventured out and visited Rainbow Falls to see the impact of all the rain. It was gushing with water creating a gorgeous show.

Hilo Rainbow Falls on New years Day

We went to Liliuokalani Park to see how many folks were spending the day in the park. Not many people were there, perhaps because of the overcast skies. Hilo is under clouds across Hilo Bay.

Liliuokalani Park Hilo

Hilo Bay New Years Day

Liliuokalani Garden is lush and green after the well needed rain.

Hilo Liliuokalani Gardens

Hilo Liliuokalani Garden

Marking a year in Hilo, this first day of 2009, we feel that we are living in the most beautiful place on earth. We are excited about what this new Year will bring us in new experiences and opportunities to learn.

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